Seeva Life

Seeva - Farm

Seeva Farm provides a unique framework to manage your assets through an interactive platform. Providing Stakeholders with a live view over their asset and how its being managed. Farm comprise a multitude of assets ranging from Managers over the property, stock, crops, boundaries, geology and equipment to mention some.

Reporting on the asset can be greatly improved with live charts, graphs and reports applicable on the asset as a whole or by individual element within the reporting and tracking framework. This provides a wealth or recorded live and historic information that can be used for research, investment, finance, valuations or sale over the asset’s life and future.

Seeva Farm provides information that can be used very differently by the stakeholders, as Farm managers and employees will actively input information for reporting and management purposes, owners can benefit from the Global information that Seeva Farm provides via Live Dashboard.

Owners can view live operations of tasks relating to production, crops, maintenance, stock, feed, water, ground/crop improvements, equipment, environmental, vermin and anything else you require.

Once the controls and reporting needs are established within Seeva Farm, live tracking of work activities, tasks and asset status start to build historic data accumulating to provide a wealth of information.

With the infinite ability to record, evidence and track new points of interest during the asset Life Cycle our platform ensures the power to make informed decisions now and into the future is simplified.