Who “What or which person or people”

Seeva brings together a team of innovative professionals working in synergy to simplify and track task activities specific to your business.

WhatProductivity the state of quality and being productive”

Real time task management to identify problems early in any cycle. The Seeva framework innovates in:

  • Worker Activity.
  • Procedural Tasks.
  • Tracking Compliance.

With proven technology to increase productivity and simplify compliance obligations across your business whilst evidencing the real outcome live.

Simple “Easily understood or done presenting no Difficulty

Track set tasks regardless of the outcome, whether it is compliant, none-compliant or requires action in a transparent manner.

How “In what way or Manner by what means”

Our proven digital framework and dashboard is strategically tailored to fit your business tasks and objective:

  • We Track Tasks.
  • Capture Compliance.
  • Evidence Productivity.
  • Automate Reports.

Seeva doesn’t set-out to replace existing business systems rather we work in parallel to complement existing systems. Should no structured systems be in place then Seeva can resolve many business processes.

Efficient “Achieving Maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense”

Our system functions via our secure cloud hosted platform accessed through existing Android and IOS smart mobile and Web enabled device, ease of use with minimal training needs for effective use. Time efficiency is achieved due to transp- arency and real time knowledge of task status in a manner that is critical to your business needs and requirements.

Security “The state of being free from danger or Threat

Our multi tenanted environment with military grade encryption ensures your data remains secure and accessible by only authorised users.

Roll out is efficient and seamless via App technology.

Accountability “The fact or condition of being accountable Responsibility

In 2020 accountability has been diluted due to highly transient workforces, company layering, policies, and general care factor. Seeva tracks all tasks in a nonconfrontational manner as human natures pride, fears and natural tendency to cut corners are captured when trackability is in place, thus enabling managers to effectively monitor encourage or capture accountability on a personal level.

Flexibility “The quality of Bending easily without breaking”

The Seeva system has an established base suitable for most applications, and for tailored or customised business needs the Seeva platform is very flexible in how tasks are gathering and represented to ensure that the content and visual benefits are maximised.

Benefit “An advantage or Profit gained from something”

The adage “Time is Money” is an area where Seeva shines, our platform and framework is about productive time best spent to achieve the true value for money outcome. Benefit comes from empowering managers and senior representati- ves to make informed decisions quickly based off live productivity facts. Worker performance and compliance of tasks are transparent, and ease of fault identification are crucial in gaining cost benefits.

Business leaders can apply effort where it is most effective and minimise unnecessary “box ticking for ineffective reporting”.