Corporate Duty of Care evidence

Employers have legal responsibilities to ensure the Health and Safety of employees under their care and whilst most businesses have procedures in place they are often disjointed, fractured and lack the ability of transparency that SeevaLife provides.

In the corporate space the welfare of your workforce directly reflects on the Health of the company, Seeva provides a platform that can capture an overview of the company’s workforce health. Employers must be able to evidence the wellbeing of their workforce through various procedures and systems, however mental ill-health or general wellness is often not captured and evidenced as easily as other WHS (Work Health and Safety) matters.

Globally there is an increase in mental health awareness and the direct financial impact of this to families, communities and businesses. The increasing

competitiveness in business and the corporate world has directly influenced some of the daily stresses we are exposed to in today's workplace.

The need to monitor wellness health of employees has never been more prevalent, and the risk to Senior Management, Officers and Directors failing to act appropriately has never been clearer yet more complex at the same time.

There are so many factors in and out of the workplace that contribute to the wellness of employees, the obvious are addictions, family, relationships, harassment/discrimination, workload burnout, financial, accidents and disabilities.

The first responsibility of all employers is to remove stigma that can be associated with mental health and wellness and provide a platform for open dialog that provides a managed approach.

At Seeva our solutions can be seamlessly rolled out. Our approach is simple and cost effective whilst providing a platform for your business to make critical, timely and confident decisions.